November 22, 2010

I do apologise for my lack of posts last week – life got on top of me and I could not find a spare moment to blog!  
Today however I am back to share with you a wonderful party from the weekend.  Kate is the sister of one of Sienna’s class mates and she has been watching all my Candy and Dessert tables come together over the past few months.  Kate and her mum asked me to put together a Candy Table for her Masterchef Party she was having to celebrate her 9th Birthday.
We decided on a colour theme of red and yellow with lots of fun candy for Kate’s friends to take home in their goody bags.  The smiles on the girls faces when they realised they got to choose what they took home was priceless and while I was not there to witness the scooping at the end of the party, Kate’s mum assures me they were like kids in a candy store!

The yummy candy selection included:-
Jelly Beans
Sour Straps
Gum Balls
Peach Rings
Sugar Sticks
Raspberry Straps
Mini Meringues
Thank you Kate and Emma for letting me be part of your special day.


16 thoughts on “Kate’s Masterchef Party

  1. Hi Leanne

    I am glad all is ok, I had been wondering how you were going. I am with you on the “life getting on top of everything!”, it is the same in our household at the moment.

    Love your latest candy table, the jars lined up across the back look fabulous. The cake is great too.

    Enjoy your week.

    Katena x

  2. Another beautiful table. I love the colour scheme. I am wondering why you call the lollies “candy” throughout your posts – are you from America originally?

  3. Thank you for all the lovely comments – Heidi no I am a true blue Aussie but for some reason have recently started calling lollies candy – lots of influence from reading american blogs and for me Candy Table sounds more exciting than Lolly table – interestingly the party girl and her mum from this party are both English and refer to everything as Sweets and could not get used to calling them lollies!
    Jill there are some wonderful online lolly/candy stores that sell everything in bulk – just google online lolly shops and they will come up!
    Leanne x

  4. Hi Leanne, Love the Masterchef idea! & the colour scheme! & the “Candy” Jars at the back! Its just like a candy store! Been meaning to ask though where do you get the wooden picks that are holding the mashmellows? I have searched high & low!!

  5. hello

    im new to your blog and also from australia. i was wondering where you have found those sugar sticks. i have been looking for them for ages

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