January 20, 2012

I have been taking part in the January photo a day challenge hosted by Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim – you may have seen a few photo’s pop up each day on Facebook.  I am always looking for a new photo challenge so decided to join this one for a bit of fun but the day before I signed up my new fancy camera decided to malfunction! So I had a change of plan and decided to use my iPhone and instagram to participate in this challenge.  I have had instagram on my phone for a while but only used it occasionally but have noticed how wonderful the images in my feed are from regular instagramer’s so I set another challenge –  to see if I could capture some great shots on my phone.
To my delight I have found a whole new world of people and photo’s to follow and I now check in regularly throughout the day to update my daily life via instagram and also find out what everyone is up to in pictures – it really is such a fun app and I am amazed at how incredible it can make your photo’s look.
So here is a snapshot of January via my instagram feed – will post my January photo challenge photo’s at the end of the month.
Are you on instagram? – leave a comment for me so I can follow you.  You can find me under @sweetstyle

 This next one was taken by Indi!


9 thoughts on “Can’t get enough of Instagram

  1. Hi Leanne,
    Thanks for such great pics of my fav beaches too! Grew up on Northern Beaches. Live in The Hills so miss beaches 🙁
    I’m on instagram @denwise
    I use my Canon 600D but often iPhone gets daily use w instagram & twitter! Your year has been started with much family fun I can see!

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