May 31, 2013

We are excited to be celebrating the 2nd Birthday of the online store tomorrow!

It is amazing to see all the lovely things we have done in the past few years from goregous products, pretty parties, photoshoots and lots of special things in between.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support over the past few years.  As a small business I am constantly needing to evolve and keep things exciting for both my customers and for myself so you will notice a few small changes to all I am doing over the coming months – the online store will continue and there will changes to product lines so I can keep the balance between current projects and future projects (and life at home with 3 kids) in check.  There are lots of great dreams I still want to fulfil and I hope over the next year I can tick some of these off my list.

So to celebrate my turning two I have a few things planned – a Giveaway that I know you will love followed by lots of lovely specials in the store over the next week!

First up is the giveaway – you guessed it, my absolute favourite product in the entire store!  A 25cm white milk glass cake stand!  They are truly the most beautiful stands in the whole world – elegant, tall and make any cake look spectacular.

I have one of these beauties to giveaway and all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post telling me how you found sweet style? Was it Facebook, a link from another blog, a magazine or have you been following along from the beginning – before I was Sweet Style!

The winner will be announced next Friday 7th June right here on the blog! Entry only open to Australian residents.

Each day next week I will have a different super special in the store so be on the lookout for facebook announcements.

I have also put together a media kit with details about advertising on the blog!  If you would like to be part of the coming year with Sweet Style I would love to hear from you by emailing

138 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Style

  1. Congratulations Leanne on turning 2!
    I have been around since you were doing the Mrs A in the Cove blog and have love seeing how much you have grown and evolved =) Congrats again!


  2. I followed you as Mrs A in the Cove as well! Congratulations on this milestone. I agree the milk glass cake stands are to die for. I just love them xxx

  3. As you already know my dear, I have followed you from before Sweet Style and will continue to follow in whichever path you take. I fell into your delicious world a number of years ago and finally realised there was a world out there with people who are like minded to myself. Yours was the first I fell in love with and is still my #1 fave!! xxx

  4. Congratulations on turning 2 Leanne. I can’t wait to see the continued evolution of your store, blog and all the things you love most. I discovered you in the early days from Facebook and when you where still Mrs A in the Cove. I too am a huge fan of the milk glass cake stands. Best wishes for the year ahead.

  5. Congrats on your 2nd birthday it is a bid THANK YOU to FB for helping me find you and your amazing products 🙂

  6. Mrs A in the Cove for me as well!! I think I probably found you through Tara at Sweet Little Birdy :-). Congratulations on turning 2! 🙂

  7. Hi Leanne, I have been stalking..hmmm I mean following you since Mrs A in the Cove days…congrats on the big Birthday celebrations hope they involve a glass of bubbles, you deserve it!

  8. I found you on FB, and one link leading to another, and another. I am addicted to your work. Happy birthday. 🙂

  9. I found Sweet style a while back on pinterest. I am currently in college studying to become a pastry chef and am constantly looking for new recipes and stands to display my creations. Thus far, sweet style has never ceased to amaze me!

  10. I can’t remember if I first found you on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram! I follow you on all!! Everything you do is beautiful and inspiring, happy birthday! X

  11. Happy 2nd Birthday, I remember how exciting it was when the Shop first opened and your store was one of the very first I ordered from for my parties.
    I have been following since Mrs A In the Cove but I also found your original blog through Facebook 🙂

  12. Happy 2nd Birthday Leanne! I discovered you on Facebook 2 years ago and have been admiring your work ever since. Love the online store and pleased it’s here to stay!

  13. Hi Leanne! I am probably your biggest international fan! I live in the UK and adore following your blog! If I lived in Australia I think I would be purchasing from you every single day! I would be over the moon to win this beautiful cake stand as they are quite hard to find in the UK. Congratulations on your 2nd birthday!

  14. Hello! Happy 2nd Birthday! I found your sweet page via Facebook and i’m so happy I did.. your shop is just gorgeous!…Oh and I Love looove the milk glass cake stand…so beautiful! Congrats once again! xx

  15. I found you through the search engine to find myself some beautiful jelly beans for my parties.I also joined you on Facebook because I am in love with your styling. I am a mum of one and I love to have parties like yours for my son each year.

    Hope to see more inspirational ideas from you soon. xx

  16. Only recently found you through Allison Lawson. Have been looking for finishing touches for my wedding and you have just about everything (and more!) of what I was looking for. Happy birthday!

  17. Happy 2nd birthday Leanne. I’ve been a follower and customer for a few years now. Ifirst came across your store when I was looking to style my son’s first birthday, through links to your store on various party websites, around the same time I was starting my own business. Nicky x

  18. I had the pleasure of finding Sweet Style through ‘Fete Press’ and have been checking in everyday since!! I can’t go past all of your gorgeous photos……

  19. Happy happy 2nd birthday. .. 😀 I was lucky enough to find you through cakebook . I mean facebook 😉

  20. Happy second birthday Leanne!!! And to many more its always a pleasure to read your post and looking at the picture. I have 1st found you a year ago on the Internet and been following you on the blog and Facebook ever since!!! Love your work xx

  21. Congratulations Leanne! I have been checking in every few days since you were Mrs A in the cove (found you while surfing the net). Have enjoyed watching your blog evolve and look forward to things to come.

  22. I found you by sweet coincidence through another blog (so long ago have forgotten which one!). Since this serendipitous find I have lusted after each and every item you present! Beautiful products, gorgeous photography. Happy birthday!

  23. I found you on facebook through another friend who had already had you down as a Liked Page. I just love your designs.

  24. Happy birthday!!! Thanks for helping me create the best dessert tables! Love your products! Found you on Facebook . Xxx

  25. a gorgeous stand , I found you through another fb friend Melissa from the sweet society. thank you

  26. I found you on facebook through another friend who had already purchased one of your glass cake stands.

  27. Happy Birthday!! Found you through Facebook so ThankGod for Facebook 🙂 keep up with your great work xx

  28. Happy 2nd birthday!!
    I found you through pinterest, and follow it all on Facebook too!
    Absolutely love everything you do!
    All the best for the future x

  29. Happy Birthday! Found you on Facebook & have purchased a few items. Would love this gorgeous cake stand for my candy buffets!

  30. Oooo, i can’t remember how i found you sorry. i know it was a long time ago and i love, love, love your style…and this would be amazing to win as i embark on my own wedding style business. 🙂

  31. Congratulations Leanne! I honestly don’t remember how I found you but I am so glad I did – i love your blog it inspires me & to say I love shopping at sweet style would be an understatement!!

  32. I am a Mrs A in the Cove fan from way back! We were building our new home and I was looking for inspiration, and did I find it! I started my business at the same time as you and the rest is history xx

  33. Congratulations Leanne. Sweet Style’s birthday is my birthday too! I found you….I can’t remember how but stumbling across your blog has been a great inspiration and led to some fabulous celebrations in our house. I love birthdays and with Sweet Style’s help, I’ve turned them into wonderful memories. Thank you!

  34. I have been around since you were Mrs A in the cove….found you through a blog…can’t remember which one. Happy birthday- I turn 30 this month and the blog inspires me creatively and with party styling.

  35. Congratulations and happy birthday! I found you through Facebook as a suggested site from cake style tv.

  36. Found your lovely site on Facebook I think. If I remember correctly it was a link from sugar rush or cake style tv 🙂

  37. Have enjoyed your beautiful posts and pictures.I always look forward to your blog and our inspirational style. Found you via facebook. Congratulations!!!

  38. Congratulations on your second birthday! May you have many more. I found you through Sharnel Dollar Designs link and I am so excited that I did!

  39. Well I think I’ve been around since he start of your shop. I discovered your shop and gorgeous styling just after I came across Jacki’s cakes. Happy birthday to your beautiful store. It’s one of my favs. XX

  40. I found you through Pinterest initially, then I attended Sharnel Dollar’s workshop and heard you mentioned again 🙂

  41. You have the best job in the world! Well done to you for doing something you love. I found you via the Confetti Fair- can’t remember exactly where or how though.

  42. Happy birthday Leanne! Love your blog and dessert tables / styling!
    Found you via Facebook I think.. 🙂

  43. I discovered you through a Life’s Little Celebrations blog nearly 2 years ago. You were so helpful that I have come back again and again! Don’t think I have done a dessert table that does not feature at least 1 item I have bought from you haha.

    Congrats on the 2 years. Looking forward to see what you have planned next.

  44. Way back. Read your comment on Sheye Rosemeyer’s blog and followed the link to your {then} blog – Mrs A in the Cove xx

  45. Hi Leanne,
    Mrs A in the Cove was the beginning, followed by the delicious Sweet Style – blog loving and online purchases are a continual delight!
    Happy Birthday – with many more to celebrate too!

    best wishes,
    Christine xo

  46. I found you in the early days (through Facebook) and have loved watching you grow. Can’t believe two years have gone so quick!
    Would love to show off this cake stand in August, we are a family of 6 with 4 birthdays in August, busy month and lots of cake making ahead!

  47. I have followed since Mrs A in the Cove and now I’m a happy Sweet Style follower AND customer! Congrats on your 2nd birthday, with many more to follow! 🙂

  48. I too used to follow Mrs A in the Cove and have enjoyed watching your journey ever since.

    Congratulations on all of your achievements!

  49. Hi,
    found you recently through Facebook, a friend recommended you and I’m glad they did you have beautiful products.

  50. I found you through facebook through your links with Blissfully Sweet. I was looking through her photos and saw your name mentioned as a contributor to one of her dessert tables and looked you up. You have the most beautiful items in your store. I think Im addicted to cake stands after seeing the ones in your store! Love, love, love!!

  51. Hi,
    Found you recently through Facebook, a friend recommended you and I’m so glad she did you have beautiful products.

  52. Happy 2nd Birthday! Congratulations and looking forward to the many new items, inspiration and your contagious passion for all things ‘party’ that lays ahead for all us lucky followers! I had found you through a serious of links via Facebook and just adore your style.

    Wishing you continued success.
    Mary x

  53. Congrats on 2 happy years with Sweet Style 🙂 I’ve been following since the early days of Mrs A in the Cove. Loved your blog then and love your business now <3

  54. I came across your gorgeous website while searching for party props and decorations.
    Love your blog, website and Facebook updates. Happy 2nd birthday – hope it’s ‘sweet’!

  55. I found you on facebook one of your parties was featured in Amy Atlas went to your website and read all your posts in one day, love your creativity and also the house you built, Happy 2nd birthday!!!

  56. I found you in a random Google search when I was researching for a birthday party and then found your Facebook page through your website.

  57. Hey!
    I love your blog. There are such good ideas!
    I am a huge fan of Katie Quinn davis and I followed a link to you on her blog.

  58. Hi and happy birthday! I found you through another blog (I read blogs each morning, instead of a newspaper lol!) But I’ve been following you for so long I can’t remember which! Best of luck with the growth of your business, your work is amazing!

  59. Happy Birthday! Found you 12 months ago when I was searching for a cake stand. Bought a couple from you..x

  60. Have been following you from the beginning.
    Your house building was parallel with our build.
    So a mutual understanding of the excitement and anxst.
    Loved your early style and design ..,it was inspiring and aspiring.
    then loved the store f

  61. Stumbled across your page through Facebook… A great find! 🙂 Congrats on reaching such an exciting milestone!


    I’ve been a long time follower since you were Mrs A in the Cove!
    It’s been so long that I can’t even remember where I first found you though 😀

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