July 24, 2012

We have just had the most wonderful family holiday to Fiji and in usual form I snapped way too many shots of the kids – but I had fun doing it!  As always seems to be the case I have loads of photos of Miss Sofia who loves smiling for the camera.  Sienna indulged me on this trip and I was able to get some new favourites of her but Indi was a little trickier to catch.  I did manage to make it into one photo in the entire trip – must learn to relinquish the camera a little more! 

We had magical weather for the 10 days – there nothing better than sunshine and warmth when it is the middle of winter back home!  
From the moment we arrived both the big girls were desperate to have their hair braided and in never seen before circumstances they sat still for 2 and a half hours while having it done!  It most definitely made life easy for me while on holidays but the process of removing them on our return was less than fun!  
I hope you enjoy some of my favourite snaps from our holiday in the sun.


7 thoughts on “Fiji Favourites

  1. They look so much like you Leanne!! Lovely images and I am so envious that you were in Fiji – it’s one of my must visit places. Counting down to our holiday – just a few weeks to go. Lou x

  2. Hi Leanne,

    Wha beauiful imagery. I am also looking to go to Fiji and was wondering where you stayed and as the above comment whether you would recommend it. Thanks

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