September 8, 2010

I have had lots of emails about my drinks dispenser that was on display in this post here.

Believe it or not this dispenser was from a local variety shop or as we call it the $2 shop (not sure why we still call it that is nothing appears to be $2!)
I have spoken with them this week to see if they have any more and unfortunately they don’t – if I come across any more I will be sure to post about it. The shop name is House to Home if you have one in your area.


13 thoughts on “The Drinks Dispenser

  1. Many thanks for this post, as I was one of the nosey ones! I don’t think BrisVegas has a ‘House to Home’ but I’ll try some of the other $2 shops (that’s what I call them too! LOL). Thanks again for being such an attentive and speedy blog mistress! 🙂

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