August 2, 2013

So we headed back to Fiji again this year for a family holiday – some much needed time out and sunshine in the middle of our cold Sydney winter.   The weather was wonderful although a few evenings were a little cool because of the trade winds that pick up at this time of year in Fiji.

We visited a different island this time around – Plantation Island.  The kids had a fabulous time and made lots of wonderful friends who they are still talking about even though we have been home for a few weeks now.  Mr A and I got our 5 star fix when we stayed at the Hilton on the mainland and while the islands are basic I can say we did have a fabulous time – nothing quite like living on Fiji time when nothing is a rush.

As always I took loads and loads of photos and have way too many favourites so I will split this into two posts so as not to bombard you!  All of these shots are taken while on Plantation Island – a few nice sunsets, the kids on the beach with Mr A and a few while hanging on the pier before we headed home.

Have a lovely weekend everyone x

2 thoughts on “Fiji 2013 – Part 1

  1. Oh Leanne, this is our family’s most precious place to stay. I know its not overly glamorous, but doesnt it just have the most magical vibe there. By the way – your oldest daughter is such a dead ringer for you – just gorgeous! xx

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