May 15, 2012

Today Jacki from Blissfully Sweet Cakes is joining us for her monthly delicious food idea.  Feast your eye’s on this gorgeous cheese stack with the photo’s taken by Tanya from Tindale Images – I was their to enjoy this lunch and we definitely ooh’d and ahh’d over this one!
For those people that do not have a sweet tooth (yes there are some?!), this tiered cheese stack is the perfect end to any dinner!    These tiered cheese cakes are also in vogue at the moment as substitutes for the traditional wedding cakes!
I made this tiered cheese stack for the Oh Sweet Mum beach luncheon.   I wanted this lunch to be a mix of the savoury and sweet, and this dessert fit the bill!   It was a big hit with my luncheon guests (models) and you can decorate as you wish when the stack is finished.
4 different cheeses varying in sizes (ensure that you choose some harder cheeses for the bottom tiers)
Fresh figs
Stack up your cheeses.   I cut up a beautiful and ripe fig for the top and then sprinkled the chopped walnuts over the top of the stack.   Drizzle the honey down over the walnut and figs so that it drips down the sides of the cheese stack.
* This stack can be made with as many layers as you like and as many different cheese varieties as you like.
*  Try using some other in season fruits to go with your stack to decorate such as beautiful red grapes, little baby pears and sprigs of fresh berries.

About Jacki …
Jacki Fanto is the owner of Blissfully Sweet Cakes based in Sydney, Australia. Jacki is married and has three gorgeous boys who love that their mum is such a fabulous cook!  You can find Jacki’s website here and her Facebook page here


3 thoughts on “Cheese Stack Recipe

  1. That looks insanely beautiful and as a cheese preferrer, this is right up my alley.

    Just a question: how do you eat it? When it’s time to eat do you deconstruct it and put them on a board, or do you keep it in the stack and somehow work your way around out?

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