March 21, 2011

Happy Monday everyone.  
We had another busy event filled weekend which was made all the more interesting with the torrential rain that Sydney received over the past few days – more rain in one day than we have seen all year.  It was lovely however to catch up with new friends at the school kindy cocktail party.  While I did organise the party it was held in someone else’s home which spread the load – I also put together a little dessert table to finish off the evening – it had a chocolate feel about it but there was still plenty of non chocolate items for those who can’t eat or don’t like chocolate! (imagine that!)
Just a few photos to show as it was evening so a little dark and guests were arriving.  
Desserts included macaroons, decadent cupcakes, nougat, choc raspberry mousse cups, rosewater cream filled meringues, choc chip biscuits, vanilla wafer sticks, kringlets, chocolate hearts and of course my cookie pops.  I used little mini blackboards to let the guests know what was on each platter.
Happy to say there was not a single item left on the table at the end of the evening!



5 thoughts on “Chocolate filled Dessert Table

  1. Wow Leanne, now that is my sort of table, chocolate 🙂 What a fabulous idea to use the chalkboards as the labels. Another wonderful table.

    Katena x

  2. Just FYI – I would *NOT* be one of those guests who didn’t L O V E your chocolate table!!!!! Beautiful, as always. Thank you for “chocolating up” my Monday.

  3. I was craving for some good chocolate dessert today but couldn’t find any at home. I feel like I need it to cheer myself up from time to time 🙂
    They are gorgeous!
    Anna, xxx

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