October 5, 2010

In the past month I have undertaken two pretty incredible online courses – the first on Blogging and the other on photography.
Today I would like to talk a little on the first wonderful course called Blogging Your Way.  The course is run by Holly Becker who is the author of the great blog Decor8

Not only is Holly a wealth of knowledge but she is encouraging, positive and giving.
She helps you to take a close look at why you blog and how you can become a better blogger with thought provoking questions and what seems to be hundreds of tips to make a blog a better place to visit.
Holly’s co-teacher in this course is the very talented Leslie Shewring who writes the blog A Creative Mint.  Leslie is a self taught photographer and stylist whose wonderful blog has the most gorgeous eye candy.

The combination of these two great talents have made for the most incredible course that really has helped me in both the blog world and the real world.
I must admit I have a fascination with Styling – it is something I have long desired to do but I have always wondered exactly how does one become a Stylist.  There is no formal training and a personal individual style is just that – individual.  A style can be displayed through both words or picutres and Holly and Leslie have both demonstrated throughout this course how to be an individual.
So it is with all these wonderful things in mind that I move forward realizing that my blog is my individual style on things – I hope to show you over the coming months many fun projects I am working on that are my attempts at Styling and being an individual.
  If you are looking for a fabulous online course to participate in I would encourage you to pop over to Decor8 and find out more details – it may just be the lift you are looking for at this point in your blogging life.


12 thoughts on “Styling and Discovering

  1. Hi Leanne,
    It’s sooo late here in Switzerland and I was just on my way to bed, when I saw your post from yesterday. I posted about Eat Pray Love and saw the movie (book I just started) and I liked it. Maybe it’s different when you read the book first? I have to read more of your older posts, and I will, as soon as I have a bit time between decorating and being mummy and trying to get some sleep too… Night! oh, for you it’s Goodmorning!

  2. Thank you Leanne for sharing the link to this course. I have for a while now been interested in taking a course like this to help me with my blog. I’ve now subscribed to the newsletter & hope to undertake this course next time around. Can’t wait to hear about the photography course you are also doing as I’ve also been interested in a course on this too, no point having a great Nikon SLR sitting here & not using it to it’s potential.

  3. Hi Leanne,
    I have asked myself that question about styling too. I am always someone who seeks courses and books on things that I want to learn, I am not so good at just accepting that some things, like your personal ‘style’ just are. They can be developed and can change but can’t be taught. Sigh. I am heading off to check out those courses now too. You are one of my blog hero’s so something you are doing must be right.

  4. So good to hear first hand about Holly’s course. I am so keen to do it also, but got my timing wrong for the latest course. Maybe next time! Isn’t it always great to have a little extra inspiration and encouragement!

  5. I have a blog crush on Leslie and wish I could be as talented as she is the camera. I second your praise of the course, so glad I decided to go for it!

  6. i adore Leslie’s blog and creative style!! it was such a fun course wasnt it? so inspiring – sad to see it finish!!
    i have a lot to read through and ponder – i feel the same about styling, i guess our blog is a good way to start styling and showing what we love!

  7. Leanne,
    I’m really looking forward to seeing how your style develops and I wish you much success. It’s so much fun (as you know). We are so lucky to be able to do this as a job. Much love

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