July 31, 2012

Jacki from Blissfully Sweet Cakes is back today to share with us her recipe for the amazing Sandwich Layer Cake that was used on the pretty lunch table for the Oh Sweet Mum Shoot.
This really is another fabulous savoury “cake” idea that works when you need something other than sweet!
1 x cob round loaf (or 2 for extra height, I used 2)
1 x roasted chicken meat
1 x avocado
Semi-dried tomatoes
Sprouts and baby rocket leaves
For the Coating
Cream cheese
You will need to excuse the lack of measurements of ingredients for this recipe, however this recipe is one of those ones that once you have the technique, you can fill it with whatever fillings you desire.
The important part is getting your cob ready for filling.   Cob leaves are tall round dense loaves that are good for slicing and filling.   I purchased mine from Bakers Delight.   I bought 2 as I wanted the extra height to my sandwich cake.
Slice off the top part of the loaf and then equally measure out your slices and cut your loaf into thirds going across horizontally so that  you have 3 “circle-ish” bread rounds.   Then continue with the 2nd loaf if you are doing 2.   I have found that it is then easier to cling wrap and freeze for 30 minutes to allow for your bread to harden  little and make it easier to shape.   Take your slices out of the freezer and then immediately stack up into position and then as precisely or not as you like, slice down the sides of the bread until you are left with a round cylinder of bread (like cake layers).   You are then ready to fill as you like with your fillings.
For the Sandwich Cake that I had for Oh Sweet Mum, I filled up the different layers with a mix of roasted chicken that I had combined with a beautiful homemade mayonnaise, with layers of semi dried tomatoes, sprouts and rocket leaves and cucumbers.
You can think of whatever flavour combination works best for you.
Once the “cake” has been all filled up.   You can then cover and freeze for 30 minutes while you make your “frosting”.
My coating for the cake was a mix of cream cheese and mayonnaise to give it a bit of zing – you can then add more flavourings if you like with some seeded mustard or horse radish.   I used 500gms of cream cheese and then blitzed it until it was smooth, I then added in about 1/3 cup of mayonnaise and then combined to make a paste for covering.    If your mixture is still a little thick, you can add a little fresh lemon juice to soften and make easier to apply.
Take the cake out of the freezer and start “frosting” your cake with the cream cheese mix, being as precise or not as you like.   I then topped off the Sandwich Cake with some fresh bean sprouts!
Ta da!   A beautiful idea for a spring lunch outside at the beach or park with a glass of white wine!

About Jacki …
Jacki Fanto is the owner of Blissfully Sweet Cakes based in Sydney, Australia. Jacki is married and has three gorgeous boys who love that their mum is such a fabulous cook!  You can find Jacki’s website here and her Facebook page here


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  1. That looks amazing, I think I might have to try this for my sisters kitchen tea later in the year. Thank you for sharing such a scrumptious recipe!!!

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