December 21, 2010

Last week I had the pleasure of creating a candy table at Wendy and Lester’s wedding.  This candy table was a surprise gift for the couple from their bridesmaids.  Wendy’s wonderful bridesmaids knew how much she wanted a candy table at her wedding but time would not allow her to put it together so they surprised her at her kitchen tea with this lovely and thoughtful gift.

  The colour theme was pink and white and I had great fun choosing the correct candy for this table which included personalised lollipops and mini chocolate bars, sugar sticks, milk bottles, marshmallows, candy pigs, rock candy, jelly beans, chunky sour pigs, chocolate hearts, milk chocolate hearts, musk sticks and cool mints.  Here are my snaps from the day!

Congratulations Wendy and Lester on your marriage – I hope you and your guests enjoyed your candy.


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