October 18, 2010

Good morning everyone – today I would like to introduce you to Penny Webb from Working Mums and Mumpreneurs Masterclass.  I attended one of Penny’s fabulous events a few months ago and thought it only fair I share with you all she has to offer – I have asked Penny a series of questions to help us find out more about this super mum – Enjoy.

How did you come to create the Working Mums and Mumpreneurs MASTERCLASS event series?

“After 15 years in events and training and two children, I had to step away from my corporate job because of restrictive child care costs and availability. I was working part time lecturing, with two kids (a toddler and a 4 month old) and trying to manage a household and realised that life could be challenging for working mums. I also had a few girlfriends call about the same time despondent and struggling with the time demands on them. So I decided to combine my training and event background and the Working Mums MASTERCLASS event series was born.
Then that brought up a whole new set of challenges – setting up a new business from home, working on the kitchen table or the home office, filling rooms up with stock and paperwork, midnight emails and working around the kids. So the Mumpreneurs MASTERCLASS evolved!”
What is a Working Mums Masterclass and a Mumpreneurs Masterclass all about?

“Both types of events are all about practical tips and education and giving mums the tools they need to help them do what they need to do. Whether that be getting out the door fully clothed 😉 or coming up with a logo for their new business. One main objective is giving the mums a non judgmental, supportive community environment and you know what? It’s also about having a laugh and a good time.”

What other services do you offer? 
“I also do customised training programs for businesses – large and small. And manage all sorts of events – conferences, product launches, networking events, weddings or Aunty Suze’s 50th Backyard Birthday – we do it all.”
What 3 things do you think Mumpreneurs need to be aware of to help make their business a success?

“1. Social media is such a cost effective and high impact way to build brand awareness for a new business. Educate yourself about the opportunities social media can present.
2. Someone has probably made the mistake you’re about to make before so trawl the internet, magazines, sign up for webinars and find out what other small businesses have done well and not so well, so you don’t do the same thing. There is a stack of info out there – sometimes too much!! So find the format and approach that works for you.”
3. Networking is a great way to get out of the house if you’re a WAHM but for all Mumpreneurs it’s a great way to make links with other businesses who have similar values to you. Partnering up with these businesses and other Mumpreneurs can help grow your business and yourself.”
When and Where is your next event for Sydney mums to come along to?

Our next Working Mums MASTERCLASS event at North Sydney on 23 October has stylist Gwen Korebrits giving us wardrobe tips, Channel 9 make-up artist, Boo Talbot shares the secret of the 5 minute face (no more putting your make-up on in the car!) and uber jewellery designer, Kate Sutton from Uberkate will guide us on how to accessorise – there is such a thing as too much bling! And Mrs A in the Cove is doing an Afternoon Tea buffet (she had me at pistachio macaroons!). Go to www.workingmumsmasterclass.com.au to buy tickets online.
And we are very excited about our Mumpreneurs MASTERCLASS event on the 24th November in Sydney. This is an exclusive for Mrs A in the Cove because nobody knows yet, but The Mummy Tree girls are coming down from Brisbane for this event on Marketing and Branding. Mumpreneurs will get to meet Cinde and Kim from The Mummy Tree and hear about this year’s Mumpreneur success story. People can pre=register for tickets at penny@hillstrainingstation.com.au. Tickets are limited to only 50 and we are expecting a big turnout for this one. Don’t miss out!”
What’s it like being a Working Mum?
“I have two gorgeous sons, Charlie who has just turned 3 (THAT’S an interesting age!) and Oliver who is nearly 1. I get up at 5am before the house is awake and get 2 hours of work done – its usually the most productive two hours of the day for me! The kids go to daycare one day a week, so if its a daycare day they’re off early to there and I go to Manly and lecture. If it’s not a daycare day I work around the boys nap times. For now, they still have an afternoon sleep at the same time so there is another opportunity to get work done then. Anything else gets done when they are in bed for the night, and even then it’s only if its really urgent, so I can spend time with my husband.
And I rely on a network of friends and family who help me when meetings, events or other training comes up. They are amazing.’
I hope you enjoyed finding more out about Penny and her wonderful business – if you are living in Sydney it would be wonderful to see you at one her Penny’s events soon.


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