August 23, 2010

Claire at Scissors Paper Rock has started a weekly Monday morning post which shows a brief glimpse into your weekend – she would love everyone to link in and show us what you where up to on the weekend. We had a huge weekend at our house – Saturday was filled with Sienna’s 6th Birthday Party (which I promise to have photos of tomorrow) followed by family for dinner and friends for brunch on Sunday morning – Sunday afternoon however was time to just be in our backyard and it was the perfect winter’s day here in Sydney with blue skies.
Sienna danced!

We had a visit from Snow White

And Indi had her first taste of the garden dirt!

Hope your weekend was fun!


3 thoughts on “Week-a-boo

  1. Looking forward to seeing the photos which I’m sure will be amazing and inspirational, as always!

    There’s nothing like a good bit of dirt, is there?! Although, I’ll wager there was delicious party food on offer. But so, so cute!

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