August 25, 2018

With so many fabulous places to visit on our doorstep here in Vancouver we headed out to Vancouver Island for another long weekend in June while my mum was visiting from Australia.  This time our destination was the seaside village of Torfino which is on the south western side of the island!  In summer it is a big surf town, while in winter it is where the storm watchers head to see the wild weather that batters this side of the island.

We stayed in a great little place called Duffin Cove Resort which was right at the far end of town as you drive through.  We had one of the cute waterfront villas that was super cute with a loft bedroom for the kids and a king bed and mini kitchen downstairs!  We were right on the water so the kids could play on the rocks while we sat on the deck and watched the sun set.  

We also did a bear watching tour which was loads of fun.  We jumped on a zodiac with just 8 others and were wicked up the inlet to see the bears coming out of the forest to feed on the rocks at the waters edge as the tide went out.  It is always so fabulous to learn more about these animals and the way they live.

We ate at some fabulous restaurants the favourite being The Wolf in the Fog.  We finished the weekend with a quick trip back through Victoria so we could show mum the capital of British Columbia.  We visited last year so we stopped at our favourite asian restaurant in Chinatown for a quick meal before doing a driving tour of this little city.

It was then back on the ferry homeward bound after a fun 3 days away.

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