June 7, 2010

I had a wonderful evening last night with all the girls at our private screening of Sex and the City 2. With all the mixed reviews I was not sure what to expect but so love going to a movie where I can sit back and lose myself and just dream.
Well the movie did not disappoint and I thought it was fantastic – yes in parts you certainly thought “ok hang a minute” but what is a movie for if not to step out of your world and into another. The fashion was amazing and the scenery spectacular but the one thing that I found absolutely incredible was Carrie and Big’s new apartment.
It certainly made me come home and want to redecorate. When I built my house I deliberately kept it very neutral – lots of white, simple, modern and streamlined. I am not one for clutter as I hate the distraction. After watching the movie however I realized I could be turned! No I could never have clutter but there were so many interesting features – lots of texture, great patterns and wonderful furniture – I am not sure I have ever been to a movie where I took such great interest in the decor!
Here are some wonderful images from the movie that really made me go oohh …
The beautiful living room (notice the books on the coffee table are standing up).

The perfect walk-in closest – my heart skipped a beat when Carrie opened the doors – this is exactly how I envisaged my wardrobe to be – mine is pretty good but this is spectacular – I could even sleep here!

The dining room (with the kitchen behind). Look at that fantastic light taking centre stage.

The sitting room.

The kitchen.

The bedroom – with a beautiful writing desk (and the perfect view of the closet)

Here is Carrie back in her old apartment with yet another amazing walk-in closet!

The living room again – I do like these chairs!

Now it is time to make my home as interesting as this one – somehow my books would not manage to stay upright but give me 10 or so years and maybe I could revisit this idea!


3 thoughts on “The Perfect Apartment

  1. Hi Leanne – I feel I need to see the film again to ponder the clothes and the furniture! I loved the apartment too – the coffee table with the edges really caught my eye and is just perfect for me; a touch retro, a touch modern. I loved it! Plus all the damask wallpaper and the texture – you are right. Those book shelves. There is a real knack to having a home that has texture. As ever the answer seems to be that everything has to have its own place. Anyway – glad you enjoyed it, love Lou xx P.S and may I say thanks for adding my button to your new blog look! xxx

  2. I could have written this post myself. I think I actually gasped out loud when she opened her closet. I reeaaallly want one like that. I then spent the rest of the film admiring the coffee table. I want to be able to have books standing up on my coffee table. By the end of the film I was ready to stamp my feet like a child until I got to have use of Carrie’s apartment for when I needed to chill out!!

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