February 9, 2018

After a fantastic few weeks tripping up the east coast of the US it was time to head back to Canada to visit the three big eastern cities of Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto.

After leaving Portland we headed north through the very rural and quite state of Maine and over the boarder into Quebec!  The drive was about 5 and a half hours and we were surprised at how quite the roads were in this part of the world.

We arrived in Quebec City ready to explore this beautiful part of very French Canada.  You would never really think you were in Canada on arrival.  All signage and all language spoken is French so it really did feel like we had dropped ourselves into Europe!  

Quebec City was just beautiful and after New York the second favourite place we visited on our trip.  We stayed at Les Hotels Jaro just outside the old town but in a great location that was in easy walking distance to everything.  We had three days visiting the city and during the entire time we walked everywhere.  The beautiful streets are narrow and quaint and a large portion of the town is car free.   Such a lovely place to visit and just wander around absorbing the history!  Here are my favourite shots from our Canadian adventure.

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Next stop was the city of Montreal – much bigger and busier than QC but still lots of old world charm.  We stayed at L Appartement Hotel and once again decided to do without the car and walk wherever we had to go.  Montreal is a lot more widespread than Quebec City so we did need to walk further to see everything but it meant we got to do lots of exploring.  

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Final stop on our Canadian leg was the big booming city of Toronto!  So busy with all that traffic on the very busy multi lane highways in and out of the city.  We stayed at the very flash Adelaide Hotel downtown which was a lucky find on expedia at a special price.  Again lots of walking around the city which included a trip up the amazing CN Tower to see the wonderful views over this incredible city.  A day trip to Niagara Falls to see the amazing waterfalls was a big highlight of our visit.

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