November 14, 2011

Happy Monday everyone.
I had to share these cute photos from a few weeks ago.
Imagine her delight when she woke from her afternoon nap to find mummy taking products shots for the website of Jelly Beans!  The very reason I try to do all my product photos when no kids are around.

Single coloured Jelly Beans are available in the shop – perfect for your next dessert or candy table – as long as your two year old doesn’t get to them first.


6 thoughts on “Products Shots with a two year old

  1. I loved this post! Most of the time, the only way I get any pictures of my 5 year old is when I’m trying to shoot pictures for the blog. He pops up out of nowhere and is in the background of all the shots. Most of the time it is cute, but the cocktail shots I feel a bit odd about. 🙂 I can’t wait to go see what other goodies you have in your shop!

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