June 17, 2013

It is Monday Favourite time and today some beauty from Amy who is the genius behind De La Rosa Cupcakes in Perth, Western Australia.  I have to admit I only found Amy’s amazing work recently and I certainly wish she wasn’t living on the other side of the country.

I asked Amy my three favourite questions so we could all get to know about her and her business a little better:-

1. How long ago did you find your passion for creating beautiful cakes?

My love for cakes and sweets started when I met my husband Javier 11 years ago.  His mother used to bake cakes and make cookies for him and his sister every week, so he learnt how to bake with her and sometimes a Sunday for us was staying at home cooking together a meal and me helping him to get all the ingredients weighted and ready for him to bake his favourite cake “Orange Cake”, now my son’s and my favourite cake.

I am medical scientist and my career always has been my passion; however, that changed when my little treasure called Alejandro came to our lives four years ago.

I love parties; I think it comes from my parents. I still can remember them organising my birthdays, a big cake, a piñata , lots of photos taken and me posing with my two sisters. So lovely to have those memories back and I thanks them for those lovely times.

Without noticing this is what I have been doing for Alejandro for his birthdays and he loves it.

Last year when we moved to Australia from England  I decided to make Alejandro’s cake and all the guests were impress, I remember them asking who made the cake and cupcakes and Javier saying “Everything has been made by Amy” so everyone was saying: “Amy, you should start to think about business” so after few weeks of thinking I said, I am going to do it! And from that day has been an amazing journey, I feel love for what I do and I think that is the key of the success. When you love what you do you can do all what you want.

I have to say that Alejandro and Javier has been all my support, without them I could not have done all what I have done in nearly 12months.

2. How long have you had your business

We started our business in June 2012 and from that day this journey has been amazing and I am in love with what I do. I have learn so much, cried and jump of happiness, met beautiful people and the support has been incredible. I am really a very lucky person and everyday say thank you for everything.

3. What is the most popular flavour of cake from your customers.

The most popular flavour is White Chocolate with Almond & Raspberries and Lemon & Poppy Seeds.



More of Amy’s lovely work can be found here on her facebook page and also on her very pretty website here.

 Amy was also one of the contributors to the recent Australia’s Sweetest Morning Tea shoot in which she created some incredible cakes depicting the Australian Native Landscape – amazing work Amy!

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