July 13, 2009

I am back and feeling much more like my old self – I was struck by the dreaded mastitis but thank heavens I hit it on the head early so it has all cleared up – no wonder I was feeling so bad for a few days last week.  
I thought it was probably time for a house update as things are moving along nicely.  Exterior painting has begun and the colour I have chosen looks great – Wattyl Winter Sky.  The feature colours will be Dulux String and Dulux Carriage.

On the inside we now have all the wiring and plumbing in and the gyprock is all but finished – it looks like a whole new house with the walls in – I can’t wait to get some colour on them which is my next task.  We purchased lots of sample pots of paint on the weekend so now we need to decide on which “white” is the correct “white”.  Currently we are looking at Whisper White, Antique White USA and Grand Piano (all by Dulux) however I am thinking I also need to try something a little whiter like White on White – anyone have any suggestions as I do want it to be a fairly bright white.

We are tossing up a few feature walls and the colours we are currently looking at are Dulux Knot, Dulux Baton, Dulux Sea Elephant, Dulux Barnfloor or Dulux Porcelain Figurines.

The picture above shows where our kitchen will go and the room at the end will be the family room.

This angle looks back the other way at the dining room and formal lounge – the whole in the wall is for the fireplace!!
Our timber floors go in this week and then the staircase – all very exciting.

3 thoughts on “~ House Update ~

  1. The dreaded mastitis! I think the sickest I’ve ever felt was with mastitis. I hope you’re on the mend now. I think you’re amazing to be building a house and making all those thousands of design decisions that need to be made constantly, whilst caring for a newborn and two other precious children. Phew… I’m sending you some energy vibes via cyberspace right now. Meredith xo.
    p.s. kikki-k rocks my organising world also. I’ll have to check out her new website today – what fun!

  2. Glad to know you are on the mend Leanne & your house pics are just fab! I’ve nominated you to play along with the My Heart tag over @ The Hedge. Hope you can participate if you have a spare nanosecond.
    Millie ^_^

  3. Thanks Girls – thankfully I only had one bad day before I got on top of it so well and truly on the mend. Must say I was a little stressed when I felt so bad and all my husband wanted me to do was pick light fittings and go visit furniture stores!

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