May 27, 2014

Yesterday was one of those great days!  A day when you arrive home with a cheesy grin and a little happy dance.   I was lucky enough to be invited along by none other than the gorgeous Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim fame to an Olympus Australia event at Otto Restaurant in Sydney.  A day where I got to combine so many things I love into a fun three hours.

So highlight number one was finally meeting Chantelle in real life!  Chantelle and I have known each other online for some time now so finally getting to spend some time with her was wonderful.  She is just a warm and incredibly humble as she comes across on her blog – a true delight to be around!

Chantelle started by presenting each of her 10 guests with a beautifully wrapped gift including the cutest little mini camera, some chocolates and a photo a day keepsake book! The perfect momento’s!

Next up was the opportunity to test out the Olympus OM-D camera which is from the Olympus range of compact SLR cameras.  The camera has interchangeable lenses and can be used in either auto or manual mode just like the regular SLR but it is light and easy to carry around – perfect for those who want control over what they are doing and the ability to upgrade the lens but don’t want to have to take their “big” camera out on every outing.  

Honestly it is the perfect option for people like me – I currently have one of two options, my big baby that weighs a tone but I am very very attached to or my iPhone which sometimes just doesn’t cut it.

One of my favourite features from this camera is the wifi connectivity.  You take the photo and send it to your phone or other device so you can share it straight away or back it up! Perfect.

It also has a remote function that means you can set your camera up and operate it from your phone.

There really was so much to love about the camera so I am really grateful for the opportunity to give it a go!
Here are a few snaps I took on the day (and sent straight to my phone so I could bring them home with me when I had to hand the camera back!)

Thanks Chantelle and Olympus for a fantastic day!
You can check out the range of Olympus cameras here.

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