June 5, 2009

We are loving MasterChef Australia in our house – the Friday masterclass is just wonderful and I have been getting loads of great cooking tips.

I have been very inspired to do some cooking on the weekend after watching my weekly fix of MasterChef.

Enjoy your weekend – hopefully it is filled with delicious food.

3 thoughts on “~ Friday Food ~

  1. So are we Leanne – MOTH who normally detests reality TV floored me last night during the show by actually saying it had inspired him to get into the kitchen this weekend & cook!
    Millie ^_^

  2. We’re loving Masterchef in our house too – my 11 year old son is addicted to it! Can’t say my cooking skills have improved as a result though.

  3. Hi Millie and Lee – it is great isn’t it – it is nice to have a good reality show that teaches you something! Don’t think my cooking skills have improved either but is fun having some new things to try.

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