December 24, 2015

What could be better than an early morning breakfast on a brisk spring morning surrounded by long dewy grass, beautiful Belted Galloway Cows roaming nearby, new friends and a delicious breakfast!   Breakfast consisted of amazing baked eggs, fresh coffee and home made almond milk milkshakes!  Sweet-Style-3219_webSweet-Style-3211_web Sweet-Style-3214_web Sweet-Style-3217_webSweet-Style-2668_web Sweet-Style-2671_web Sweet-Style-3220_web Sweet-Style-3224_web Sweet-Style-3228_web Sweet-Style-3230_web Sweet-Style-3243_web Sweet-Style-3245_web Sweet-Style-3256_web Sweet-Style-3260_web Sweet-Style-3267_web Sweet-Style-3272_web Sweet-Style-3287_web Sweet-Style-3294_webSweet-Style-3302_web Sweet-Style-3304_web Sweet-Style-3312_web


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