March 23, 2012

Hello everyone
Well things have been busy – so busy that my poor blog is feeling very neglected and I am feeling sad that it has had to take such a back seat as this is where it all began for me.  Is there anybody out there that still remembers this blog when it was about me building my house – things certainly have changed haven’t they?
On the positive side though Sweet Style is incredibly busy and I am so proud that what started as a hobby has turned into a business which is growing rapidly.  I have now found a wonderful lady by the name of Rebecca who comes in a number of times a week to help me pack orders for the store – she has been a godsend.   Mr A has a new positions and he now in charge of accounts and the girls continue to be in charge of modelling and taste testing after ample photos have been taken of the wonderful delights that arrive regularly to the house.
I have had some wonderful opportunities over the past few months to collaborate on some great parties and photo shoots all of which are due for release soon in various magazines both online and in hard copy.  I can’t wait to show everything off soon.
Today I am heading off to put together a candy table for a wedding at the gorgeous venue Gunners Barracks in Sydney.  Tomorrow I am creating a sweet ladybird themed dessert table for a lucky 2 year old named Izzy and it also happens to be my Sofia’s 6th Birthday.  This year we are heading to the local play centre with her school friends to celebrate but I have promised her her own dessert table in a few weeks with the family when I can catch my breath.
I am also putting plans in motion for the future of the blog with the assistance of some guest contributors who will have loads of great projects to show off alongside following in the life of Sweet Style both professionally and at home.
So for the next few weeks bear with me – I will be popping in with updates and hopefully by April I will be back more regularly.
I leave you today with some photos of some very pretty roses that I am using on my table on the weekend – fellow school mum and another Rebecca in my life who owns Petal and Pod floral studio selected them for me – they will be perfect surrounded by ladybirds.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


11 thoughts on “An update

  1. Hello Leanne! I arrived at your blog after Simone featured that post where someone had been mean about your house! Nasty person! Do you remember?!!! And here we are – about 18 months later? I think it’s awesome that you have grown your business…what an inspiration you are, in so many ways. It is a lot to juggle, I am realising this as I set out on my little business project. But how lovely to be making a life doing what you love? Those roses are just stunning. Here’s to a happy future 🙂 Lou x

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