April 12, 2012

My enjoyment in pulling out the camera and photographing pretty things is one of the favourites parts of my life in the world of Sweet Style.  A few weeks ago I was shooting a mothers day table that was based around the colours yellow and grey (the pictures will be out soon!).  After I had finished the shoot found a few more goodies from the various corners of my home and kept shooting. It is just so lovely to capture things through the lens – to see the details – a tiny snippet of a big picture – the pureness of the petals on a flower – the swirl of frosting on a cupcake or the elegance of a simple stem in a jar.
Life behind the camera really does take on a new meaning and I am becoming more in love with it as the days pass.
Enjoy some yummy yellow on this sunny Friday! 
Have a lovely weekend.


10 thoughts on “Yummy Yellow

  1. I can completely relate to what you’re saying about life behind the camera.

    It’s funny, but for me I go through stages where I’m absolutely photography mad, but I also get a bit tired of it too. Sometimes I’m too focussed on photographing life rather than just living it or experiencing the beauty of something right here right now.

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