June 2, 2009

I had my final ultrasound today so there has been a lot of discussion in our house about who this baby will look like.  My mum is convinced from the ultrasound photos that it will look like me with big chubby cheeks.  My husband is convinced it will look like our eldest daughter Sienna.  
The names that my girls keep coming up with are most amusing – our youngest daughter Sofia has decided it is going to be called Baby Jesus – we all find this just gorgeous!

I have just over 3 weeks to go and my wish is for a healthy and happy baby and no matter who it looks like I will think this baby is beautiful.

One thought on “~ What will you look like? ~

  1. A lovely post Leanne, & I loved hearing the girl’s prediction’s! Enjoy the next 3 weeks (as best you can!), I think your new little one is going to join the most gorgeous family.
    Millie ^_^

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