July 14, 2011

What are bon bons and what do they taste like?
Now that bon bons have become a very popular addition to a candy table, this is the question I get asked  most each week.
A bon bon is a chewy lolly that comes in a variety of great colours and delicious flavours.  I described it the other day to someone as sort of like the consistency of a cool mint but without the hard shell and the mint flavour.  So delicious …
Flavours and colours include:- Raspberry (Blue), Apple (Green), Strawberry (Pink), Lemon (Yellow) and Toffee (white)
A number of the colours look great together lined up all in a row.  You can see here I used the yellow, pink and blue for Sofia’s bubblegum party earlier this year.
One of my lovely customers Amanda used green and white for her son Xavier’s christening.
If you are looking for bon bons or some other great lollies for you next party drop into the Sweet Style store here and check out what we have on offer.  I am always happy to source other varieties and types of lollies for your next party so drop me an email if you are interested – leanne@sweetstyle.com.au.


2 thoughts on “What are Bon Bons?

  1. I lovvveee Bon Bons! This comment goes out to all who read this post and also like to read bloggers comments (like me :)) I’ve used Bon Bons at my daughters 1st birthday not only as part of the desserts table but as the main lolly in the party bags for the kids! So I highly, highly recommend them! 🙂 and best of all they last for ever so you dont really need to worry about throwing away leftovers! 🙂

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