May 21, 2013

You know that feeling when you have something in your house that you can’t stop looking at and you just need to capture and share.  Well these tulips that I have sitting on my kitchen bench are exactly that.

I picked them up at one of my favourite local florists last week and they have given me so much pleasure ever since.  It is amazing how something so small can make your day so much brighter!  Each day they change with the light in my house and the amount they open.

The florist also gave me a great tip on how to make them last longer – add ice to the bottom of the jar as they love to be cold all the time!

Here is how they looked on Friday

And how they look now on Tuesday.

Hope these photos have brightened your day.

Images:  Leanne Ambrogio for Sweet Style

One thought on “Tuesday Pretties

  1. They’ve brightened my day for sure. Parrot tulips always remind me of Jacqueline of Petalsweet. You have captured them beautifully Leanne.

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