December 8, 2009

Well after my big effort last week to get the kids to Santa I came home really disappointed with the photos so today we had take two and the result was much better!

Poor Indi looks a little like she is slipping off Santa’s knee but it is a much better photo of all three and it is zoomed in so we can see them all.
Ok that is it – no more trips to Santa this year – especially seeing as each time we go the requests from the 5 year old become more elaborate!

One thought on “~ Try again ~

  1. You’ve got my vote for Mum of the Year for a whole lot of reasons, but especially for braving Santa at Westfield twice! Well worth the results, your beautiful little elves look divine. Meredy xo.
    p.s. your noel letters are so, so pretty – clever clogs.

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