August 13, 2012

You can find inspiration in everything and if you can’t then look again
~ Paul Smith ~

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to spend the day at the very first class held by renown stylist Megan Morton at her new amazing studio in Roseberry called “The School”. 

Megan spent the day with 30 women who were all there because of their love of beautiful things.  She had some incredible knowledge to impart on us and we all left a little more inspired and eager to get home and make more things look pretty!  She showed us through her amazing portfolio, gave us great tips on the Science of styling – why things work and why some things just don’t!  She told us about incredible and inspirational books that have helped her one of which I have taken the quote above from – it rang true with me as I certainly believe that there is inspiration in everything we do we just need to open our eyes to it.
There are a number of great workshops being held by both Megan and some other fabulous women at The School which you can check out here.  Her location is also next to the fabulous Koskela and Kitchen by Mike (who incidentally fed us for the day!) plus it is the location for her fabulous props hire warehouse “The Propery” – so much to see and do in one location.
Here are a few of my iphone snaps from the day.


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