September 15, 2011

Happy Friday everyone!

Today some pictures to share with you from the Spring Styling event I was part of 2 weeks ago.  The event was held in my home for 20 lovely ladies who came for an afternoon of food and fun.  Penny from Working Mums Masterclass put the event together and my fellow presenters were Jacki from Blissfully Sweet Cakes and Jane from Show Pony
Thank you to all the happy and enthusiastic girls that came along to listen to what we had to say – I hope you found the day to be interesting and useful.
So here are some photos of the tables I put together for the day.
Table one was a kids table.  The theme and colouring was based around our event theme of Spring.  It would be great for a garden party or even a Little Miss Sunshine party.  The ever so pretty cake was made by Jacki as were the cookies and cupcakes.

I used this pretty invitation as a starting point and built everything around it.  Flowers and ladybirds featured in most items on the table – there were even little mini lady birds on the cookie pops and marshmallow pops.

The second table was set up as an adults table.  It had a vintage theme to it and I used the lovely new Mason jars with the stamped lids (available in the shop) to drink out of.  The gorgeous colour combination of aqua and pink made it a pretty table and I included some fresh flowers
Again the cake, cookies and cupcakes were made by Jacki and the pannacotta’s were made by me.  During the presentation Jacki showed everyone how to whip up little cheesecakes on chinese spoons to add to the table.  Macaroons and some sweet treats finished off the table.
We talked about how the centrepiece could change from a cake to a stack of footed vessels with chocolates and flowers to create a completely different look. Pots, bottles, backdrops, cake stands, ribbons, twine and tags were also topics of the day.

Little mini apothecary jars were used as favours and we had a great discussion about many different party favours that make for a stylish party.

The third table was a self serve drinks table – I nice tall centrepiece of spring blossoms on top of a wooden crate set the scene and a flowing sheer piece of fabric was a nice change to the usual white table cloth – of course we sipped our cool drinks through retro paper straws in Mason jars.

So there is a little peak into our afternoon.

Most of the lovely products you see on the tables can be found in the Sweet Style online store but if there is something that you can’t find or need to know please feel free to ask away.
Have a lovely weekend – see you all next week.


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  1. Your beautiful pictures just reminded me how lovely the day was. Thankyou again for hosting and when I can budget in one of those cake stands, I’ll be calling you!

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