November 3, 2009

Yes the picture below is of our lovely toilet in the powder room! Funny first photo to be showing you of our new house but these toilets are proving to be very exciting. To everyones delight they are soft close toilets which means no slamming of the toilet seat or lid – just a gentle push and they glide down slowly and peacefully. When we have a new visitor to the house the first thing the girls say is come and look at our magic toilets … it is the small things that amuse us the most. I promise to post some more exciting pictures of the house soon – just keep forgetting to get the camera out in the daylight.

2 thoughts on “~ Silence ~

  1. This is just one of the bathrooms and already I want to move in…. I usually associate “silence” and “toilet” because I sometimes have to lock myself in toilet to get any peace and quiet. Your version is much more refined. Meredy xo.

  2. Lovely post Leanne! I so glad to hear about the Soft Close Lid, as MOTH & I almost came to blows at the Plumbing Supply shop as I really wanted one, but he wouldn’t part with the extra dollars. You are lucky to have yours in action – of course mine is still tucked up in it’s box in our hallway unused!
    Millie ^_^

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