December 6, 2010

Happy Monday – Christmas Parties are in full swing and I found this wonderful quote that says it all! 
I hope you are surviving the party season – I would love to know if you are the one that wants to go home or the one that wants to stay – or does it depend on the party!


3 thoughts on “Party Quote of the Week

  1. Love this quote! Mind if I have it as my facebook status? I’m with Mira… I’m the one who wants to stay longer… I never want to party to end! but your right it does depend on the company… Its the people who make the party!
    Have a great week! Have you started pressie shopping?
    Ana x

  2. Such a good quote! Haha! I’m definitely the one that always wants to stay longer & wants the party to never finish. And my husband is the one that always asks to leave 🙂 But agree with Ana, it also depends on the company, had few occasions where I wanted to go home early on 🙂

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