June 16, 2010

All the bits and pieces for Indi’s party are coming together – here are a few of the things I have collected for next week – now to tie it all together and make it work!
The invitation with the cute bunny theme

Yes those lovely bottles which I finally found after scouring/phoning/harrasing every Woolworth’s in Sydney – now drinkng loads of fruit nectar so I can have them empty and clean to re-use next week! (Thank you to everyone who emailed to let me know exactly where they had seen them making my search a little easier)

Ribbon, Ribbon, Ribbon …

Those lovely sugar swizzle sticks that Jordan at Polkadot Prints found and let me know to head in to the local Aldi store to find!

The beginning of the dessert table …

Still so much to do … but having fun doing it.


9 thoughts on “Party Planning ~ Bits and Pieces

  1. It all looks wonderful so far Leanne. I love the invitations, the bunny theme is going to be so cute. I look forward to seeing it all together. I also got myself some of those swizzle sticks from Aldi to put away for Claire’s birthday!

    MrsKt 🙂

    Oh and I LOVE all that ribbon!!

  2. Hi Leanne – I am in awe! Already. I have to admit I find party planning really tough – which is crazy as it should be fun! I should take a leaf out of your book! Lou x

  3. Looking good baby, looking good! I also went crazy running from Aldi to Aldi collecting those little sticks (well Joe went from Aldi to Aldi really hehe). Love, love, love the colours x

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