February 17, 2010

When I was designing the office in our new house I kept going back to the same picture everytime – one that had lots of storage, a place for my computer and somewhere that was bright.
Here is the photo I showed our cabinet maker …

And here is the result …

Lovely shelves that fit all my folders and boxes.

A desk in the middle of the room where you can do paperwork (or scrapbooking).

Another wall of bookshelves and cupboards for books, photo albums, scrapbook supplies, magazines (my husband gets a small section of this side for his pile of “things”).

A dedicated space for my computer with doors underneath that can open and you can slide your chair under (sorry the doors are closed in these photos but you can open the doors and they slide back under the bench and it turns into my computer station)

I love my new office so much that I spend hours in here – I also have a thing for kikki-k boxes and folders and I love pink!

3 thoughts on “My Office

  1. Oh how I wish my office was this tidy. Mine looks like a bomb has gone off. You may just inspire me from these lovely photo’s to clean mine up and get organised..

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