October 20, 2011

“Sofia do you want to sneak away with mummy and eat a lollipop!”
Her eye’s lit up 
I don’t think she could believe what she was hearing
My cheeky girl who asks at least 100 times a day for a treat
To which the answer is always “no”
Was mummy teasing?
No not this time – mummy is doing a photography course and needed a willing subject!
So here we are – week 2 of my online photography course with Sheye 
So much to learn – so much to absorb – so much trickier with a person than with food!
This week we have been playing with editing in photoshop so here are my shots from week 2 with some vintage editing.
That lollipop did the trick!
Have a lovely weekend everyone.


6 thoughts on “My Cheeky girl and her lollipop

  1. Gorgeous photos of your beautiful Sofia Leanne! I can see you as a professional photographer in the near future 🙂

    PS. I am loving the Sweet Style Babyology ads at the moment!!

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