May 8, 2009

Image: Martha Stewart

Today I sat and watched my 4 year old sing at the Mothers Day Morning Tea at her pre-school and I became very emotional and teary – I could not stop thinking about our first born Laura who I will never get to sing to me or wish me happy mothers day – I do miss her desperately on occasions like this. 
So to all the mums out there, if you blessed to have your children with you or if they are missing from your day to day lives I send you special wishes for mothers day.  May your day be filled with love. 

Celebrating Laura’s 6th Birthday in March

One thought on “~ Mothers Day Love ~

  1. Dear Leanne – what a truly beautiful & deeply moving post. How important it is to remember & honour the lives of those little angels who aren’t with us. Enjoy all the hugs & kisses from your 2 gorgeous girls tomorrow & just think, next Mother’s Day, you’ll have another precious little cherub to share the day with.
    Millie ^_^

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