July 15, 2013

Another Monday has rolled around very fast and yet another school holidays are coming to an end.  I am blogging today poolside in Fiji where we still have a few more days of our holiday to enjoy – warmth and sunshine are all I need mid winter!  I look forward to sharing some photos with you in the coming weeks.

Today however it is time to share with you another wonderful cake designer from my home town of Sydney.  Minette is the lovely lady behind Minnie’s Sweet Creations and she has shared with us her journey into the world of cake decorating.

How long ago did you find your passion for creating beautiful cakes?

I knew from the beginning that I can do great things with my hands I just didn’t know which outlet should I pour it out on. Believe me when I say I tried everything from Make-up Artistry to Interior Designing (doing online courses) but it seems nothing stays to keep me going and it just doesn’t seem to fit. In 2009 whilst working at the University  I started  cupcake decorating, after giving birth to my youngest I found myself slowly getting into cookie decorating and in 2011  I started making cakes mainly for family and friends and had people outside my circle asking me to make cakes for them. I haven’t perfected the art of Cakes yet having no professional background in it but the innate desire to make something pretty, books, tutorials, the correct tools and most especially the clients who continued to gave me the opportunity to showcase what I can do led me to where I am today.

How long have you had your business?

I professionally started last year of July. Actually, last July 3 was MSC’s 1st year anniversary. It was a roller coaster one year ride but I got more positive experiences than negative, so am happy to go on.

 What is the most popular flavour of cake from your customers?

In the beginning, customers would love to get the Strawberry Mudcake and Caramel Mudcake but I noticed lately I get more and more people asking for my Red Velvet cake ( it’s in the frosting) wink!

To see more of Minnie’s gorgeous work visit her facebook page here.

2 thoughts on “Monday Favourite :: Minnie’s Sweet Creations

  1. Minette did my daughter’s Alice In The Wonderland Dessert Table. I did not know what to expect as I only know the themed. She said leave everything to her. We talked briefly what she would do and she totally blown me away by the decoration. Of course I ordered the red velvet cake as recommended by friends from my daughter’s school. She is really talented and also she has fun and outgoing personality. 🙂

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