October 28, 2013

Welcome back for another Monday – I am excited to show off the amazing cookies I have on the blog today as they are by one of my all time favourite cookie bakers – Noo from Dessert Menu Please in Melbourne.  I am thrilled to say that I have even had the pleasure of enjoying Noo’s cookies a number of times this year as I had her make the fantastic cookies for Sofia’s Pantone Art Party (see them here) as well as some cookies for an easter shoot I was doing (see these cuties here).

Noo’s talent for creating the most exceptional cookies is second to none and she will post them to you anywhere in Australia.  Mine arrived safe and sound with plenty of time before the event and they tasted fresh and beautiful.  So here is what Noo had to tell us about her cookie baking business.  PS.  She also makes amazing cakes!

When did you find a passion for cookie making?

I love baking. I always bake cakes, tarts, macarons, etc. for my friends and family on special occasions like Birthday or Christmas. But my passion for hand-decorated cookies actually comes from the failure on my first trial. My first batch (mid of 2009) came out terrible. The colours bleeded on each other. The lines were not straight. I couldn’t even pipe the initial properly. I consider myself self-taught baker, who is quite lucky that I always got everything right at the first trial but these easy looking decorated cookies made me question what is so hard about them that I didn’t get them right straightaway. So I tried again and again and again.

Tell us a little bit more about your business, how long have you had it and how did it get started?

I keeps on making cookies until the point that I wanted to turn everything I saw around me into cookies. One day, my friends told me about North Melbourne Market, where they wanted to sell their stuff. They were nice enough to let me share the table with them. I had lots of compliments about the cookies on the Market day. That’s when Dessert Menu, Please starts and it’s been almost 4 years now but I still consider myself a home baker.

Do you have a favourite cookie you have ever baked?

It is kind of hard to pick one that I like most. I would say anything that requires constructing. However, if I have to pick one, I pick the mini Cupcake Stand Cookie. It is actually my first original 3-dimensional cookie and I made that for my sister’s birthday.

To find our how to contact Noo please visit her on Facebook here.

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