March 18, 2013

How perfect is the fantastic Hundreds and Thousands cake by Confetti & Crumbs!

Nina is the mastermind cake creator behind Confetti and Crumbs whose business “officially” began 16 months ago.

From her very first birthday, Nina’s mum had made all our cakes herself (for my two sisters and I). She says:- When we were younger we used to plan what cakes we wanted months in advance! Mum was amazing, and her cooking has been a huge influence on me. Renee and I are only a year apart and our birthdays fall within two weeks of each other, so we would always have combined birthdays. Mum would stay up all night creating two amazing cakes and the next morning was like wonderland had arrived in the kitchen! So from early as I can remember baking and cooking sweets was in my blood. I do have a very sweet tooth and my relationship with chocolate has stood the test of time. My daughters are 4 and 6 and now when I stay up till all hours of the morning making their cakes… the look on their face when they come into the kitchen is priceless. My proudest moment was when my then 5 year old daughter Lola saw the completed Sprinkles Cake and animatedly said “Oh Mum, I am going to fall over – that’s how good this cake is!”. I melted. Who needs approval from anyone else?
As far as favourite flavours Nina says they get asked for our Chocolate & Caramel all the time – the best of both worlds – sweet caramel and decadent chocolate.  Pineapple, Coconut and White Chocolate cake is also pretty much on par! 

To see more of Nina’s beautiful work check out the Confetti and Crumbs facebook page here.

Tomorrow I look forward to bring you one of Nina and Renne’s fabulous parties which is nothing short of spectacular.

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      thanks so much for letting me know – such an honour to be chosen. I am off now to discover more about your blog. Leanne x

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