October 25, 2013

Earlier this week I attended the most wonderful and for me inspiring workshop.

A workshop that combined two of my greatest passions :: photography + organisation

There was so much more to the workshop though – the amazing hosts whose blogs I have followed, the incredible space in which we spent out day, lovely participants who were so enthusiastic to learn and fabulous food to keep us nourished all day.

I came away feeling energised to create even more beautiful memories for my family (and myself) and be even more on top of my photo organising systems than I already am : and I am a pretty obsessive organiser – just ask my family and friends.

The workshop was help by two amazing ladies – Trish and Ronnie.  Trish a photographer who loves documentary style shooting and Ronnie a graphic designer an amazing memory keeper who loves to document her life and share her systems with others.

The tips and tricks I learnt just fuelled my love of both photography and being organised.   With the number of photographs I take in a week on both my DSLR and my iPhone things can become overwhelming so just having some new ideas in place is wonderful.

I love sharing images from life with my family but all too often I feel as though too much time as passed so I have lost the moment to share them.  Hopefully I will now be able to share more regularly and enjoy the process!

If you would like more information about the Life Captured Workshops then visit Trish or Ronnie‘s blogs to find out more.  Here are some of my photos from our amazing day.

We also received a fabulous goody bag (which included something special from Sweet Style)! – so much loveliness in a cute calico bag!

Off for another photo filled weekend!  Hope you have a great one also.

10 thoughts on “Life Captured Workshop

  1. Leanne, these shots are just divine! You have such an eye for style and placement and I love what you have captured. Thank you so much for coming to our workshop and for your kind support of it from the very start. Big big hugs xoxoxo

    1. Hi Trish – so wonderful to meet you and watch you shoot. That space was just so amazing to work in – imagine being able to hang out there all day with that magical light coming in those windows!! Look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous and inspirational work! Leanne x


    You have NO IDEA how stoked I am to have found this post! It was SO lovely to meet you Leanne and wow, those photo’s of my Elke are so stunning! Can I trouble you for a copy?

    I’m so lusty for a 5D, you have no idea!

    Look forward to seeing you again some time

    xo em

    1. Hi Em – so pleased you found it – I tried to leave a message on your blog on Friday to let you know but I kept hitting password questions so I am sorry to say I gave up!! I was going to email you and let you know. I will send through some photos for you over the next few days. It was such a lovely day wasn’t it and it was so lovely to meet you. xx Leanne

  3. I was blown away by your images when I first saw these. That second one down is a stunning – the light you captured is just amazing… Thank you so much again for coming along and being a part of our workshop. I honestly loved getting to meet you. Thanks for all your kind words too about the workshop.
    Ronnie xo

  4. Dear Leanne,
    I never comment but I am a regular visitor & have enjoyed watching your hobby & passion grow into a successful business. I love your kids parties. Thanks for your post on The School you inspired me to take Brooke’s class, not only was she sweet & pretty but she was full of great tips so hopefully I can take a few good photos for my blog further down the track. Keep up your inspiring work!

  5. Hi Leanne, Sounds like such an inspiring workshop to attend. Your images are wonderful. I too snap so many photos and then feel it is too late to share them. Plus I would so live to improve my photography skills in general. Maybe that’s the thing about blogging – one thing leads to another!
    Lovely to find your blog via BYW.
    Amanda x

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