July 16, 2011

Time to celebrate our beautiful Indiana’s 2nd Birthday!  
I picked a Kite theme for Indi’s celebration as this party was primarily for the family and a few close friends – lots of cousins ranging from ages 14 down to 2 meant this theme was a perfect way to cater for everyone.
It all began with the invitiation – I had decided it was time to do something other than pink for this party – considering as by the time Indi turns three I am sure she will want everything pink.  Red was the colour I picked which was then teamed with aqua – a lovely combination.

For the dessert table I decided to do a combination of desserts for both adults and kids.  Yummy mini cheesecakes, pannacotta’s and macaroons catered for the adults and cute cookies, marshmallow pops and mini chocolate bars for the kids.  Of course there had to be a little bit of candy that the everyone could help themselves to and which then could be added to the treat bags at the end of the party.

The amazing cake was again created by Jacki from Blissfully Sweet Cakes.  Jacki took her inspriation from the invitation and created a gorgeous cake that tied in beautifully with the theme.

Kite and bow cookies and mini cheesecakes were also made by Jacki

The candy on the table included blue chocolate beans, delicious rock candy sticks in red and aqua blue, blue bon bons and bright red gumballs.
Personalised chocolate bars and marshmallow pops that are simple to make and the kids love

Little pots of pannacotta tied with twine with personalised “Indiana” spoons
Lovely Sambellina Party bags were given to all the kids – I added the little kite and twine to finish them off.
We were also lucky enough to have perfect kite flying weather on party day – we have had a very windy few weeks in Sydney and while the week previous to the party had been too windy, on the day it was just perfect – the kids and adults had a great time chasing kites around the oval – it kept everyone warm on a chilly winters day.
On a final note thank you to Amy Atlas who has featured Indi’s kite party on her blog today.  The exciting news that she has also posted is that she is planning a visit to Australia soon – check out her blog post for more details here.
And here are the details of where you find all the goodies on Indi’s Dessert Table:-
Milk Cake Stands, Clear Hobnail Cake Stands, Glass Jars, Mini Drink Bottles – Sweet Style
Candy/Lollies including Bon Bons, Rock Candy Sticks and Blue Choc Beans – Sweet Style
Cake, Cookies and Mini Cheesecakes – Blissfully Sweet Cakes
Wooden Cutlery and Personalised Stamp – Sweet Style
Treat Bags and Twine – Sweet Style
Mini Glass Jars – coming to Sweet Style in August
Printables – Sweet Style
Tablecloth – Sweet Style
Large White Tree on Table – Adairs
Wooden Boxes – these were received full of fruit as a gift hamper we received one Christmas – you can find similar at bunnings in Australia
Please feel free to email me if there are any details I have missed.
Images: Sweet Style


18 thoughts on “Indi’s Kite Birthday Party

  1. Incredible!! This might be one of my absolute favourite parties EVER…of ANYWHERE! The mini panacotta’s are divine. It all looks so wistful and magical. Oh, the memories you are creating for your girls Leanne:) Well done, mama. Meredy xo

  2. Oh Leannne! You’ve done it again! I’m always blown away by your amazing creations! The backdrop is favourite! And I LOVE the little jars that are coming soon! Definatly want to get my hands on a few of thoughs! Can just imagine how whoa’d everyone was! Congratulations! Your such an inspiration!

  3. Thanks so much for the advice on the bags for the Lego theme, Leanne. Expect another order from me in the coming months!!! (I’m doing Lego for the boy and a Hogwarts extravaganza for the girl.) And a H-U-G-E congrats on yet another breath-taking party and AA feature for Indi’s lovely day. You go, girl!

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