June 27, 2010

My beautiful baby girl is one – where did the year go!
We had the most wonderful afternoon celebrating her birthday with the family.
So enjoy some pictures of her cute pink and chocolate bunny party.


The yummiest bunny cookies

The birthday girl – all smiles when she realised everyone was singing to her – Miss Indi is the 10th grandchild on Mr A’s side and the 5th on my side so for her to be centre stage made her smile!

Strawberry Milk

Mmm Macaroons

Bunnies to take home

The dessert table featured:-
Marsmallow Pops
Coconut Ice
Macaroons and Bunny Cookies by Cookie Couture
Oreo Cookies
Mini Meringues
Strawberry Milk in those lovely little bottles
Indi’s t-shirt by Naomi at taylored4baby
Thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes for Indi – we had a fabulous day and thank you to all the fabulous party planners out there in blog world that gave me so much inspiration!


33 thoughts on “Indi’s {Bunny} Birthday

  1. The details are wonderful, Leanne. The cake is so sweet. Indi is gorgeous in her birthday outfit, so pleased to hear you all had a lovely time celebrating your sweet girl’s birthday 😉

  2. Leanne, you did an amazing job with Indi’s party…wow…I love love love the colour scheme, the dessert table….actually, I love it all! She looks like such a doll :)) Thanks for sharing! The photos are great! Would you mind if I feature some of them on my blog sometime this week? Shoot me an email with any other photos if you want :)) xo.

  3. Looks amazing Leanne and so glad to hear that the day was so much fun. I especially love the bunny theme: the t-shirt, the cookies, the thank-you cards, the bunny on the cake. All linked together, it seems, so effortlessly (although I know you’ve been hard at work on this for weeks now). Congrats to you, and Indi of course – she is no longer a baby but a little girl now (but your baby forever, I’m sure).

  4. I know I always say this about your party spreads, but Leanne this is incredible! Love the strawberry mily bottle – inspired. Indi is a lucky and very cute little girl! It just all looks so perfect…how do you do it? Gorgeous. Lou x

  5. Leanne, I have just stumbled across your blog and I love it! I LOVE it.
    The party looks beautiful. You have inspired me!

  6. Leanne,you are just amazing.The bunny theme is so sweet (even on Indi’s top)and the colours are so pretty.With all your imagination and attention to detail you just have to go in to business!
    Happy 1st Birthday Indi.
    Love Jac

  7. It looks exquisite and just perfect for a sweet little one year old girl.
    Your attention to detail is amazing, well done!
    Indi looks gorgeous too.
    Is she your last baby, or will you have another?
    I always get so sentimental on the first birthday.

  8. Thank you for all the lovely comments everyone!
    Yes Kat very sentimental on this first birthday as Indi is our last – she is our fourth baby and I know both my body and my mind could not cope with another pregnancy (our first little girl was stillborn) – time to finally sit back and enjoy watching them grow (and throw fun parties for them!). Leanne xx

  9. no way, I cannot believe the work you put into that party. I am so not showing my kids your site! I love what you did. just beautiful. Naomi.

  10. Hi Kristin – the milk bottles can be purchased in Woolworths in the deli section. They are Santa Vittoria bottles that come with apricot or pear nectar in them in packs of six. Leanne x

  11. Oh that is the most gorgeous little party I have ever seen.. the detail!… puts my boy parties to shame… sausage sizzles and soccer matches. Love the little milk bottles and the bunny cookies – what fantastic ideas! A-M xx

  12. havin a 1st bday party for my little girl on the 18th of September, also using the theme of bunnies. Got to your blog as i was browsing for some ideas and must say that everything you used all blends together and is really very creative and would love to do somethin similar. hope you had a lovely day – sure loooks like it. keep well

  13. Hi, I was so excited to find such a beautiful, not Eastery (is that a word?!) bunny party. I am planning one for my darling girls 1st birthday in August. Would you mind sharing where you got the bunny cookies please? Is it a cutter that is available? I just love the shape. Thank you, Emily.

  14. Hi Emily – if I remember correctly those bunny cookies were made by Cookie Couture. If you send the picture those to any good cake/cookie maker they should be able to to replicate something similar. So pleased you like it – can’t believe my little Indi is now about to turn 3! Leanne

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