September 14, 2011

I have had a really crazy few weeks with loads of projects happening.
Amidst all this craziness my laptop decided to melt down taking with it a few thousand photos – some I have recovered but others … gone (thank heavens for my blog which has some of these missing photos).  I even had a back-up but it appears the gremlins have made their way into the back-up as well.
Thankfully I managed to recover some images from the article I put together for the new My Little Jedi e-mag.  
The theme I created was a vintage style bridal shower.
Pretty and elegant with a beautiful miniature wedding cake, devine vintage jars to sip cool drinks out of and a few sweet treats to enjoy.
I hope you enjoy reading the magazine – you can find a copy of it here

Cake by the oh so clever Jacki from Blissfully Sweet Cakes
All other items available in the Sweet Style online Store
Last minute note – a few have asked about the background garland/bunting – it is a Snowball yarn from Lincraft – in the knitting section. Cute hey!


5 thoughts on “Bridal Shower Photo Shoot

  1. Ahhh, gremlins in the computer. The same thing happened to me with my Masters thesis, so I feel your pain!

    Lovely Leanne, can you please share with your bedazzled readers exactly what the garlands are that adorn your stunning dessert table backdrop? They look a little like woollen pom-poms or even fairy floss but either way, they are adorable! And the cake…. *sigh*

  2. yep for me- total inspiration and love as always!!

    those computer gremlins can turn a lovely mama to a very early glass of wine in the afternoon!!

    hope you all back on track!

    are those pompom bunting in the background?

    Melissa x

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