June 24, 2010

Have to love it when you find a great bargain at the sales! My four year old Sofia really wanted new boots to wear to pre-school – being the neat freak I am I hate nice new things going to kindy and coming home wrecked within a day or two.
We headed out the other day to see what we could find in the sales – I found myself a wonderful pair of long black boots that I loved but the marked down price was more expensive that what I would normally pay at full price – back on the shelf they went!
We were however there to find Sofia something and we lucked out – we found these fabulously cute brown boots in Cotton On Kids and yes on sale for $20! We had to buy two (as they had two different browns and we couldn’t decide and she does have a sister to hand things down to!) and while were were there we found this great red dress reduced to just $10! Kids fashion is so wonderful these days and at that price she can wear it to pre-school!

Here she is after her first day at kindy with her new dress and boots and yes they had survived their first day!


9 thoughts on “Bargin Finds

  1. Too cute! Love the boots, love the dress, love your gorgeous house in the background! Gosh, I feel like I’ve missed out on SO much happening in your house for the last couple of months. There’s another birthday coming up isn’t there? Your girls are growing so quickly. How wonderful that you have this blog to capture those special moments….even lovelier for us that you share them:)

    We’re all in pretty good health here, although Lucy is facing some challenges re her epilepsy….grrr. Onwards and upwards, right? My eldest daughter is sitting next to me as I type this and she thinks that you and I really should catch up….I couldn’t agree more! We’re on school holidays soon, so maybe we can organise something then? Hope you’re having a lovely day today, Meredy xo.

  2. Great boots and dress!! Good thinking to buy both pairs, that sounds like something I would do!!

    How are the party plans coming along?

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Katena xx

  3. those boots are very cute. I love the dress my 2 year old has it in grey, It is super cute I popped a pink top underneath and pink tights. Kids are great to dress especially girls, having 3 keeps you forever in your pockey lol

  4. Hello – I know I should be concentrating on the very cute pic of your darling girl (and I did) but I was also drawn to the chairs in the background! Love em! Lou x

  5. What gorgeous boots Leanne. I always forget to check out Cotton On Kids but it seems to be the place to go. I think I will be paying them a visit over the weekend to check out their boys’ range.

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