July 6, 2010

My lovely blogging friend Katena from Taylor Made Baking has given me an award – always lovely to receive an award. This one is called the Sunshine Award and I need to list 7 things about me! Before I move on to me I must encourage you all to visit Katena’s blog and look at her beautiful baking creations – Katena has followed many blogs for a while now and has only recently started her own – she always leaves such lovely and encouraging comments so please pay her a visit.
So now here are 7 (some interesting some not so interesting) things about me.
1. Before children I used to run marathons – I have run about 15 marathons mostly the ultra bush style marathon including 6 six foot track marathons, an oxfam 100km trailwalker (in which I was part of the winning female team), numerous other off road marathons and I ran the test marathon for the Sydney Olympics in 2000
2. I met my husband when I worked at the gym – I was the aerobics instructor and he was in my class! He proposed after I ran the 2000 Sydney marathon and it was my 32nd birthday!
3. I am the eldest of two girls and Mr A is one of four boys.
4. I never thought I would have boys – I have had four girls and would imagine if I had four more I would still have girls (not that I am going to test this theory!)
5. I have an incredible sweet tooth (which I have passed on to my cheeky 4 year old) and will always make room for dessert (or cake, or chocolate)
6. Surprise surprise my favourite colour is pink.
7. I have been married twice (had a brief marriage in my twenties that I got out of as fast as I got in).
So now I need to pass this on to some other fellow blogs so I am going to pick a few of the new blogs that I have recently found – these lovely girls read my blog and always leave such lovely comments for me.


5 thoughts on “7 Things

  1. Thankyou for mentioning my blog, Leanne 🙂 It is nice to learn a bit more about you. You are amazing running all of those marathons! I am like you too, have a sweet tooth and there always room for dessert.

    Katena xx

  2. A great list of things about you Leanne 🙂 Wow….a marathon runner…that’s awesome! My Hubby is a triathlete & has done many half marathons but I know he’d love to get back into training for a full marathon!
    And thanks for passing on the award to me!! You’re lovely!

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