September 21, 2010

The beautiful Stacey at Sunny Mummy has passed me the Kreative Blogger Meme (thank you Sunny Stacey). This award states that I must list 7 random things about me so here we go!
1. My mum and dad took my sister and I to the local RSL club every Friday night for dinner from the moment we were born (well maybe I was a week old!) – we would go every week without fail and we would sit and eat our food and not leave the table (so we were told!) – we did this for 18 years and I do remember religiously ordering Angels on Horseback (OMG do they still exist).
2. My first car was a silver Hyundai Excel named Holly
3. I have a thing for White Platters and have collected so many over the years that I have a cupboard called the platter cupboard – I am so thingy about food being presented on white platters that if someone brings food into my house that is not on a white platter when they are not looking I will take it off their platter and put it onto one of mine! (Please be mindful of this if you ever visit!)
4. You are either a handbag person or a shoe person – I am definitely without doubt a handbag person!!
5. I had 8 different addresses in my first 21 years of life and have had 8 addresses in the last 21 years (hoping this current address will do me for the next 21!)
6. I love Stationery – paper, envelopes, storage boxes, labels, folders, gift wrap, ribbon
7. I love the name Noah for a boy but my husband wasn’t that keen on it – lucky we didn’t have boys!
So now I have shared 7 random things about me I must pass this award on to some other lovely bloggers – hoping these friends would like to play
Meredith from Count It all Joy
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Jessica from Oscar and Ruby
Amanda from Calico and Co


11 thoughts on “7 {Random} Things

  1. I used to be a shoe person, but I seem to be moving to the handbag person these days. I love that I now have a daughter and she will enjoy all the shoes and handbags I have when she gets older. What fun!

  2. I am totally a shoe person! Boots in particular. My first car was a Camry named Banana because its number plate was BNN. My new car is called Elise the Altise. People think I’m crazy cause I name my cars.

  3. Loving the RSL memories Leanne! My first car was a 1978 Toyota Corona called Bertha the Blue Bullet. I loved that car – it represented FREEDOM!! I’ll try and think of some random stuff and post about it soon. Thanks for sharing this:) Meredy xo.
    p.s. any chance of a catch up in the second week of holidays? I’m so keen to hear all about your new adventures.

  4. What fun! I just found your blog and this was a great “introduction.” 🙂

    I, too, have had MANY addresses. Eleven (maybe twelve?) so far and I’m only 26!

    I must disagree though, on your statement about being either a shoe person or a handbag person. I’m not either one, but I have a sister who’s both, so I guess she makes up for me! I’m a dishes/linens person, and I have enough teacups to open up my own tea parlor!

    I’m looking forward to poking around your blog some more.

  5. I was smiling while I was reading through your list…more similarities I see…my father was in the Air Force, I have moved so many times, it’s insane. I am a handbag girl for sure, completely adore stationery and would definately bring something over on a white platter, so that will work. Noah was one of the names on our list when I was pregnant with Jeremiah…but I have never been to the RSL! Lovely to learn more about you Leanne. xx

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